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Environmental Systems
Environmental Policy:Love our planet, little effort to do Environmentalism
This company is specialized in manufacturing multi-layer printed circuit boards for use in the electronics industry in general and the telecommunications industry in particular. Since its inception , the Company has been run by strong beliefs for and high expectations of itself to fulfill the company's promise that " customers see a reliable and responsible supplier, the employees see a company worth working for, and shareholders see a company worth making long-term investments in." The company, through its manufacturing process, will produce gas and water pollution. However, the company is also commited to the pursuit of sustainable operation in response to awareness of global environmentalism. The company is committed to fulfill corporate and social responsibility towards environmental protection. The company implements a corporate environmental policy of "loving and caring for our planet, for environmentalism only takes a little effort to make a difference".
1. Meet the requirements of environmental regulations from the green environmental movement.
2. Uphold pollution prevention through implementation of various pollution control measures.
3. Actively improve the manufacturing process to reduce detrimentalenvironmental impact.
4. Actively support rational use of resources and proper use of energy.
5. Continue to promote reduction of industrial waste.
6. The company will implement the above policy, and educate all colleagues to understand and support the initiative to take effective action.
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