Identification of Stakeholder
Communication with Stakeholder
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Identification of Stakeholder

Based on the 5 major principles (dependency, responsibility, influence, diverse perspective, concern level) of the AA1000 Stakeholder Engagement Standard (AA1000SES),APCB identified stakeholders including employees, customers, suppliers, investors, government, community, media and reporters.
Communication with Stakeholder

StakeholderConcerning IssuesCommunication Channels and Frequency
 ◆ Occupational safety and health
 ◆ Labor/Management relations
 ◆ Employee welfare and salary
 ◆ Talent recruit and retention
  ☆Chairman mailbox
  ☆Human resources development committee(every 6 months)
  ☆Employees satisfaction survey(every year)
  ☆Rewards and punishments review committee(aperiodically)
 ◆ Product quality
 ◆ Technology development
 ◆ Ethical corporate management
 ◆ Customer service
  ☆Customer satisfaction survey(every year)
  ☆Market investigation, visits, interviews(aperiodically)
  ☆On-site audit and discussion(aperiodically)
  ☆Assist customers with process improvement and materials use(aperiodically)
 ◆ Energy consumption and management
 ◆ Hazardous substance control
 ◆ Material use
  ☆Participate in workshops(aperiodically)
  ☆Provisions of safety design specifications(aperiodically)
 ◆ Operational and financial performance
 ◆ Sustainable development strategy
 ◆ Ethical corporate management
 ◆ Interest on shares information
  ☆Annual general shareholder meeting(every year)
  ☆Annual reports(every year)
  ☆Publicly disclose operating revenues and financial report on the Market Observation Post System and APCB website(every months and every 3 months)
 ◆ Compliance with regulations and policy
 ◆ Information declares and makes public
  ☆Seminars, training courses(aperiodically)
  ☆Participate in communication meetings and assessment by authorities(aperiodically)
  ☆Information on the Market Observation Post System(aperiodically)
 ◆ Environmental policy management
 ◆ Hazardous substance control
  ☆Communication with community(aperiodically)
  ☆Participate in community activities(every year)
Media / Reporters
 ◆ Sustainable development strategy
 ◆ Operational and financial performance
  ☆Press release(aperiodically)
  ☆Spokesperson interview(aperiodically)
Stakeholder Contact

FA manager/Spokesman:Mr. Cai Zheng Hong
TEL:(02)2683-2626  Ext. 1300
E-mail:[email protected]
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