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Quality system
APCB (Taiwan) APCB(KunShan)APCB (Thailand)
Quality policy. Quality first, continuous improvement, customer satisfaction, Focus on safety, compliance with laws, Everlasting operations.
In order to satisfy customers and to achieve continuous improvement, we set up quality management system and making all employees to participate in producing high quality products.
With the goal of becoming first class PCB manufacturing company, providing customers with best product quality and most competitive pricing and most satisfying services, we transfer the customers need (externally) into the need among employees (internally). We successfully using service mind to satisfy both customers and employees.
The service quality is ensured by “standard operation procedure” and “operation instruction” of the quality system. Therefore we can react speedily to the market change – in terms of technology and quality and delivery thus building up our advantage.
Thru this operation principle, we divide our service into the below forms:
1. Technical service is that sales and marketing dept. consolidate all technical data among departments to ensure product quality / design intent meet customer needs. By doing this way, we can also improve our competitive edge.
2. Quality service is that when customer feed back abnormal situation, QA will act in accordance with the complaint contents to analyze and identify root cause and then pass it to responsible units for providing the corrective actions. QA will respond to customer in a most speedy manner. To close the complaint QA will ensure engineering to standardize the corrective action into SOP to prevent recurrence of problem and QA will track the effectiveness of the corrective actions.
3. Delivery Service is to use the company ERP dynamic data query function to provide customers with the real-time product WIP status.
4. The market information service is to provide the most updated market related information to customers, such as industrial status / trends, new process to produce PCB etc. for the best mutual benefit of customers and ourselves.
5. Specialist Service is, in accordance with domestic and international customers’ demand, to send a specialist to visit customers and to provide relevant information.
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